Trip to Senegal    









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try to update as mutch i can .      Progres  to get my licence     

Info Malick and  the  Horse who died.





On 16 februari 2019we go for the second time to Senegal. 
In Belgium its still wintertime and cold.
So we look for a warmer place for a month .
This time its more than a month.                            

Senegal Warang,next to MBOUR
100 km below Dakar, at 3 km from the ocean.       


Red sign is qth.

I use smal transceiver FT891 100 watts.

  Antenne End fed from Hye Endfed.And a GL telescopic mast.


Because this is not a DX expedition,i dont take a lot . Also there is a weigt limitation for the flight.