Hello dear ham frinds.
                                                                                          Dont know how tot do this.

Warang, near Mbour, 100 km down from Dakar, Senegal   24/02/2019

My story:

This is the second time we are here on holliday. Its a fantastique house,swimpool garden etc.. Temperatur is always good in Afrika.out of the rain saizen en then .
The villa we are in is from French owners.It have all we need for a holliday.

Now, there is a man living on the edge of the property, in Afria its normal.Sometime's even a coplle.
Here the man (Malick ) has a house (?) at 1 km from here. You cant or wel, imagen how they live there. its not only him, but the whole region.,called The Casamane.
We should have big problems to put are dog inside.So would you.
Like a said before, the man Malick is working here , as gardener, swimpool klener, securite, (the villa has a 3 m high wall allround). We feel save,not because its dangereus, now, just for the kids who climbing on the wall to look at us, Toebaps, (withe people). This is black Afrika, The qth here is in the middle of the slum.people are frindly , children asking presents etc; Normal.
But coming to the point.
Malick also live under the same circonstances in this slum, His whole famelie ,19 persons . Hi has 4 sons and 3 daughters. Sons are married and the wives are living with the parents of the sons.

African habbits. At the end , the young one take ing care of the older ons.
Now what, Malick is working and paid like the African way, i wil not tel you how match, but i know that we need more in a day the wat he has in a month. Thats beside. The costs are also different here. But we discover , feul, diesel gas, etc is a Euro /liter. Not that mutch cheaper then Europe.

A sac rise is 3 dollar 20 kg, need one a weak.
New Malick got a horse and a chariot , his bos, the owner gif him an loan.Hi paid it back in 2 yaers. Now we talk abbout 500 euro.!
The horse died 2 months agow, sik.
The point :Horse and chariot ware used for transporting building materials to construcions, houses, They are not the only doing that. The sons work a copple of months a yaer in the constructions busines, dont ask wath they are paid, how mucth. In the Mango season, they optain the possibility to collect the rest of the mango's at groundlevel and sell them on the street, to own more maney.

They put al the money together and stil having lots of finacial problems, repaying the loan etc

What i ask, i started a smal project to collect as mucht money i can, ans bay another horse before i go back to belgiul on the end of the mont Mars.
I dont ask money for qsl cards like som do.I send al contacts a qsl card; Some send me emails to look for them on FT8 on 20/30 m etc.i do that and i am happy when i see thim on the screen and know they are happy with it
What i really ask is:if you wont to make sombody happy, more a famely living in the slums,send me the price you should give for a qsl card, mostley one (1) dollar. me and my wife wil give a big part of the sum he need,Myself i paid 45 euro for a tempory license here in Senegal and the when i see this. I know, many people suffer, I cant and wil noth help them all, We cant. We got 2 big travelcases with cloats over here, pens etc,

The rest i hope to collect from famely and friends.
I like , if you do, send it me via paypal to willy.vlb@skynet.be
You should make the difference for this famely.





                                    at the left the center of the village,above me and malick, his childeren and my wife giving somme candy to a child.